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Cancellations & Refunds

Our Policy

Here at Conversational English we take pride in our courses and English lessons and we value our relationship with our students. We value your time and are looking forward to teaching you. We expect the same consideration for our time as well. We understand that things come up and a class may need to be cancelled. We understand that we may need to cancel a class as well, because life happens. 

You will have 10 hours in advance to cancel a class, otherwise you will be charged the full price. If you cancel the lesson within the time frame, we will reimburse that lesson. If you cancel a lesson from a package or specialty course, you will not be reimbursed for that lesson. This is the only way that our type of business will function. If it is our fault, and we don’t give you 10 hours in advance notice, we will refund your class and also pay for your next lesson.

We are honored to work with each of you and will put our heart and soul into each lesson to help you succeed in your English journey.

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